Youth influencer, Chukwuonu David Advises Ladies On Life

Chukwuonu David, the CEO of Davis Exotic Homes, a man with a good heart, a philanthropist and humanitarian in service. A man who has proves to be qualified as a rare personalities with integrity tested and trusted.

In as much as you really want to be in a relationship, be careful not to stay around insecure men. It will dwarf your growth.

A while ago, after lifting of the interstate Covid-19 restrictions.

A high profile individual needed a chef, so I contacted a lady who was always advertising on her WhatsApp Story.

Her first meal was very good. She was instantly offered a monthly salary of N150,000 with Several allowances. Her job was to travel around and feed the individual and his protocol team.

N1,000,000 was transferred to her account for foodstuff and cooking utensils ( Prior before then N50,000 was the highest money that she has received for a Job)

She didn’t last 3days on the Job because the ‘boyfriend’ wasn’t comfortable with her traveling with a “Big Man”

Few weeks ago, a lady was persistently sending me messages that she would love to work with me.
I gave her an opportunity.
While she came around I discovered her phone was bad, shoes were off and she was poorly dressed.

I drove her to a Mobile Shop, She picked her choice phone, bought her 2 new shoes and gave her N50,000 for clothes.

I was considering her for a PA role but it didn’t last 24 Hours as the ‘boyfriend’ wasn’t comfortable with the help from her New Boss.

Well I left town the next day and that was it.

Unless you are married… There are some decisions, “boyfriend with I will marry you slogan” shouldn’t be making for you.

Ladies, Carry your life and destiny in your hands.