I Will Pay Any Man Who Will Marry Me $1000 Per Week – Desperate Lady Cries

My name is Victoria Arthur Dzifa from Volta Region in Ghana. I was born in Ghana but I have lived most of my life in London. I went to London when I was 6 years old. I was living with my grandmother in the village while my parents were in London. I am the only child of my parents, I was born twins but unfortunately I lost my twin sister during childbirth, so I was told.

Currently, I am 29 years old and I will be 30 by June this year. I am a beautiful woman with brains. I graduated as a Physician Assistant from the University of London. My family is one of the richest families in the United Kingdom. My Dad owns a big tyre producing company in the UK and my mum is a retired nurse. My parents are growing old and they need a grandchild so I have decided to find a partner and live with. As a Ghanaian, I want to marry a Ghanaian to be my life partner.

I have never dated before but now I’m very ready to marry. But there are some things that I will consider before choosing my husband. I will take you to London and we marry here immediately I see you are the type of man I want and pay you K22,000 every week. These are the terms and conditions;

1. I don’t like a man who smokes.

2. I don’t like a drunkard

3. I need a man who is educated and can speak English. Your education level should be at least Senior High School.

4. I need a man who can cook and do house chores.

5. I need a man who can take care of the children when we give birth.

6. I don’t like a man who beats women and a man with a sound mind.

7. I need a man who will love me and care for me all of his life.

Please if you are single and interested in me, kindly leave your comments here and also share to your friends and loved ones. Please I am very serious about this issue.