See The Koma Tribe Where People Live Without Clothes

Hi guys, it is so very fascinating to discover that our great country Nigeria still has some places that are so rural and remote that even the people in the tribe move around naked.

Today I will be telling you about the Koma tribe in Nigeria.

The Koma Tribe
The Koma tribe is a very remote and rural tribe that can be found along the border between Nigeria and Cameroon in the beautiful Adamawa State in Nigeria.

The people of the Koma tribe are known to be hill dwelling peoplewho live in the Alantika mountains. Most of the people in the Koma tribe survive and live through activities like farming and hunting in their respective regions. The things that they need and dont have, they purchase from tribes which are in the lowlands. Some of these tribes are the Fulani tribe, the Bata tribe and so on.

The Koma tribe performs puberty rituals on their teenagers when they come of age. The age for boys is 14 years while that of girls is about 17 years thereabouts. The ritual is very painful and unimaginable for most because for the boys, they get circumcised while the girls in the tribe have two of their teeth pulled out. This must be very unbearable because I don’t think the Koma people have any anaesthetics or Painkillers.

Another interesting tradition of this tribe is their marriage rituals. The men in the village will have to work for the girl’s family for five years. While he is working, he will be made to impregnate the girl. If the girl is not able to conceive, the marriage would be called off. Insome cases, the man may be allowed yo bring goatsor other farm animals instead of working for five years. The Koma people also have their own god called Zum.