I Would Sacrifice Simon Mwewa Lane For Free – Seer 1


The video making waves and trending on the internet right now sees self acclaimed Prophet Andrew Ejimadu popularly known as Seer 1 insult Simon Mwewa Lane.

“Simon is the greatest idiot on earth, a useless fool, at his age there is nothing under his name except what his father gave him. If Simon was my father, I’d sacrifice him because I can’t allow him waste the way he’s wasting”. Seer 1 is quoted saying

He said he’d rather use Simon Mwewa Lane for sacrifice and if he’s not able to use him, he’ll give him out for free to those willing to use him for sacrifice.

He also mentioned his constant presence on popular social media platform Facebook, He said that is the only thing Simon knows, at his age dancing and teaching people English. Seer 1 is of the opinion that English does nothing to anyone, He asked how much English has brought Simon; “How much are you paid to speak English Simon?” Seer 1 asked.

He also made reference to the PF and President Edgar Lungu saying they are looting and milking the country dry and no one is saying anything about it, but if I talk, you will attack me, you’re busy fighting every prophet you see.

He also laid claim that Simon Mwewa Lane is a womanizer who sleeps with women up and down, bedding every woman he interviews, He also threatened to mess Simon up