10 Best Love Making Positions That Strengthens Relationships

Nothing kills the mood faster than someone falling off their Spongebob comforter, so doing it on a twin bed can mean being extra vocal about the logistics (and of course, your desires). Though you may long for the days of a queen — heck, even a full — having sex on a twin bed is all about sweating the little things. You don’t have a ton of room to work with, so you and your partner get to be super in tune and intentional with your movement. As always, the most important part of turning up the heat is getting clear on consent and boundaries. While trying a new move or position can be a great way to connect with your partner and learn more about your sex life, you never need to do anything you’re not comfortable with — especially while you’re at your parents’ house.

1. Have the receiving partner sitting up in bed, in a 90-degree angle, with their back propped up and their legs extended long. The receiving partner straddles over the penetrating partner, with their knees bent on either side, holding onto the penetrating partner for balance. By both sitting up, you can be physically close to each other as you find your rhythm.

2. To get your Old Town Road on, have the receiving partner lie belly-down on the bed. Have the penetrating partner staddle them, with their knees bent on both sides. Approaching the receiving partner from top and behind, the penetrating partner can enter or stimulate the receiving partner with extra depth.

3. This position is all about minimizing surface area and maximizing pleasure. Have both partners lie on their sides, facing each other. Then the receiving partner lifts their top leg and wraps it around the penetrating partner, raising their hips to meet the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner can enter or stimulate the receiving partner with themselves, strap-on, or toy while maintaining eye-contact.

4. It’s like doggy but in your childhood bed! Have the penetrating partner in a wide kneel, sitting back with their legs bent and spread open. Then the penetrating partner approaches their partner on all fours while facing away from the partner and sitting back to meet the penetrating partner, who is forward (almost doing a child’s pose). This position keeps you both vertical to save space but allows for deep penetration and maximum g-spot stimulation.

5. When you and your boo are both lying your side, you can turn all your focus to pleasuring each other (not falling off the bed by accident). If you’re going for penetration, have the receiving partner be the “little spoon,” with the penetrating partner lies behind them, entering them. If you want to keep it to hand stuff (super hot as well), either partner can be either spoon, allowing you to stimulate your partner from behind as well. Spoon sex can be a great way to spice up fingering and handjob

6. This position will keep you on your toes and, well, your knees. Have the penetrating partner kneeling on their bed with their back straight up. Then the receiving partner can approach, also on their knees, wrapping their arms and legs around the penetrating partner for balance. Getting to it on your knees can mean taking up less space on the bed, and the added height will hit you in all the right angles.

7. Have the receiving partner lie on the edge of the bed, with their legs spread and feet planted on the floor. Approaching on their knees, have the penetrating partner orally stimulate the receiving partner. The receiving partner can lift their hips, allowing the penetrating partner more intense contact.

8. Have the receiving partner lie down on the bed, face-up, with one leg raised. The penetrating partner can approach on their knees, straddling their partner’s extended leg while they sit back. Have the receiving partner rest the lifted leg on their partner’s shoulder. This position allows for deeper penetration, will still providing all partners to feel grounded and anchored to the bed.

9. For missionary with a twist, put a pillow under the receiving partner’s hips to heighten them. As the penetrating partner approaches, have the receiving partner lift their legs — over their partner’s shoulders, just out to the side; the options are endless! For extra support, put some blankets or pillows under you.

10. If 69ing sounds like a middle school punchline, try seeing it as the symbol for Cancer, the zodiac sign of nurture and compassion. This position takes a bit of logistical planning, which can be part of the fun. Lie on your side facing your partner, but have one partner flip direction, so their feet are at your head. From the side, you can both stimulate each other orally. If there’s a significant height difference, it may be more comfortable to lie flat on the bed with the shorter partner on top.