Mpali Stars Jairos And Ntombi Marry – Photos


Congratulations to the latest couple in town;

Joel Swax Sakala, who plays the role of Jairos, in the DStv Zambezi Magic drama series Mpali wed Lissy Yambayamba, who plays the role of Ntombi, the fourth wife of Mr Nguzu in the same drama TV series.

look at this post from Lissy Yambayamba

“Hey baby. As much as it is clichè to post all this on this day. I’m still going to go ahead because, well, love ? meeting you has to be one Of my best highlights, you highlight my life. I love how we make each other better people & better partners for each other. We got this  xoxo”

She’s always say “chioneni kuipa pachimeso” in mpali but ninshi ni bae.

While being in the series finding stardom, the duo have found love in eachother. Let us all join them in celebrating love and wish them well in their new found journey of love.