Best Ways to Turn Yesterday’s Pain into Tomorrow’s Joy

Some people get the easy walk in life. They seem to be born in golden pastures and walk on lush green grass all the days of their lives. For others, the path is a struggle where every step feels like it’s on hot coals.

We all experience pain and even devastation in our lives, but few of us know how to deal with it properly and turn it into joy. Our unresolved pain accumulates deep within the recesses of our hearts, in a place i call the “hurt pocket.”


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But often, the brightest of souls are the ones who were forged in fire, and the wisest of feet are the ones that walked the toughest paths. While pain can seem insufferable when we are going through it, when we look back, in hindsight, we often find that it’s the pain that taught us the most valuable lessons, and that darkness of yesterday has become the light of today.

The more pain we accumulate, the more we are mentally, emotionally, and relationally crippled. If you feel that life hurts you, just be patient, let that time go. Time is medicine for the pain. But what if we could reach into that hurt pocket, confront our pain, and experience release and freedom?

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This video by Prince EA, shows how to completely remove and resolve every negative event from your past that is compromising the present and keeping you from your God-given destiny. It will help you to forgive others and yourself and discover true inner peace.

Here are 5 ways to turn yesterday’s pain into tomorrow’s  joy:

Look for the lesson the pain teaches
Recognize that darkness makes the light shine brighter
Learn how to protect yourself so you’re never hurt again
Believe in a higher power
Every time you overcome pain, be proud and reward yourself


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Pain is not something to be ashamed of. Overcoming emotional pain is the trait of a spiritual warrior. Yesterday’s pain holds the key to tomorrows joy. Recognize the lessons pain has taught. Recognize the strength it took to overcome that pain. And above all, when you overcome suffering, be proud, for you have triumphed where others fell.