You Can Live like a king At The Luxury Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State For Your Holiday

There’s no question about it, you are looking forward to a beautiful vacation experience, a place where you can just relax and forget all your worries. But your pocket will not let you be great. By the time you calculate flight ticket and hotel fee, you are screaming ‘there is God oo’ especially if you are planning on taking bae or boo. I mean solo vacations are great, but having bae just makes it better.

Relax. You don’t have to go use up all your savings to enjoy a breathtaking experience and slay those pictures on the gram. There are some amazing vacation spots in Nigeria you need to see and explore, and of course, still take that special someone.

Heard of Kajuru Castle in Kaduna? I’ll tell you what everyone who has been there said, ”i still cant believe its in Nigeria’.

Kajuru castle is a luxury villa in Kaduna built in the 90’s by a German expatriate in Nigeria. At the top is the beautiful Kajuru village. The castle is often described as the African version of the Bavarian castle with its beautiful country side panoramic view, the endless crocodile pond, exotic birds, and a relaxing swimming pool with its own water purifying system.
You can either lodge in the castle or other beautiful hotels on the outskirts of the castle. But lodging in the castle can be expensive ranging from 310,000-570,000 per night so hotels a good alternative. You can also explore the trail of mountains at the castle or the colorful kaduna markets while you are there.

Have fun and thank me later. Don’t forget to leave a review of your next visit.