Chingola Wife Pours Acid On Hubby, Side Chick

A Chingola woman Esther Mwanza is on a run after pouring acid on her husband and a side chick.

Mrs. Mwanza found her husband having sex with a side chick at some named lodge and poured acid on their bodies.

It is gathered that Mrs. Mwanza who has secretly been watching her husband as she suspected he’s seeing another lady and has always known him for his promiscuity decided to lay ambush for him and the side chick who are now unfortunate to be at the receiving end of the calamity.

Both Mr. Mwanza and the side chick who is yet to be identified have been admitted to Hospital for observations.

Meanwhile Mrs. Mwanza has run away from Chingola to unknown destination, and is still in hiding to evade arrest for the wrong she has done.

“Husband and side chick were poured acid by the man’s wife, bana mayo nangu ni protecting what is yours awee… ububwena buloshi bane”. This was what the post read.

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This story first appeared on Zambianobserver.

Picture: Zambianobserver

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