How 19-year-old Nigerian magician Babs Cardini turns objects into money On The Street Of Lagos (Video)

Nigerians are making waves in almost all facets of human endeavour. Babs Cardini, 19, is in the league of those set of people.

Cardini is a young Nigerian magician who turns objects into money on the streets of Lagos, BBC News reports.

In an interview with BBC, he said he has loved magic since he was six years old but officially started out as a professional at the age of 16.

Cardini also said that anywhere he gets to, people are always wowed with his tricks and tried to be his friend. He even added that people contact him just for the sake of knowing him more.

One of the few places he said he gets inspiration from are magic shows on TV. He said when he sees a performance that he likes, he adds it to his tricks-set.

He said one of his challenges performing for Nigerians is that they always want everything turned into money.

“And Nigerian mentality, when they see you as a magician, they get wowed and still ask me, can you turn this into money? Most of the request is always about money,” he said.

He said he goes on YouTube to see how people perform their magic but not to learn. He said learning via YouTube tutorial does not get one far.

The young magician said though he does not like being optimistic, he hopes to see himself as one of the greatest magicians in the world.