Nigerian Man Who Cancelled His Wedding On Their Way To Church Has Agreed To Marry Bride (Photos)

It was earlier reported yesterday, 10th of September 2019 that a Nigerian man cancelled his wedding with his wife to be on their way to the church in Abuja. A new video has surfaced on social media of the man agreeing to marry the lady after so much begging and advice from the pastor. Watch the video;


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Finally Agrees To Marry Her.. . .I wish them the best in their marriage

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Recall the video of a distorted wedding which was invariably cancelled after the groom who’s Nigerian abruptly cancel his wedding and out-rightly refused to proceed to the venue due to unknown reasons.

The groom who identified as Joe cancelled the wedding ceremony despite the too many pleadings from both families and friends. In the video that made rounds, the bride was pictured sobbing uncontrollably as she kneels down begging him not to leave her, but yet he was adamant. The video sparked alot of mixed reactions from Nigerians.

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