Strange but true: Family of 7 including pregnant guest found dead in Lagos apartment

A family of seven and  pregnant guest were reportedly found dead on Wednesday morning in their apartment at Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos. Their bodies were discovered lifeless around 10 am and the deceased are identified as Baba Aliyah aka Cool money , Iya Aliyah , Aliyah , Fridaus, Taiwo, kehinde and pregnant Wasilat who came to visit them.

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Residents are not sure of what the cause is but speculations are that the incident happened as a result of food poisoning.

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Concerned Nigerians have shared their thoughts on this disturbing issue. See some reactions below:

“Pls Nigeria should learn how to handle crime scenes. How will they arrive at the cause of death?? What if they were poisoned?? What if the murder was staged?? Alot of murders goes uninvestigated because of shabby police work. RIP to them”

“Only if they could do postmortem to know the cause of their death so ppl could learn and not attach it to spiritual curse. May their souls rest in peace”

“If only Goverments can carry on an autopsy tests on them…. SMH”

“ll this names mentioned are same name as my ex neighbor’s that just moved out early this year, didn’t know where they moved to but I’ll asked to see, Their first child’s name is also Aliyah as well and they have a twin girls I know as Taye and kehinde, I don’t know the wasilat… God pls let it not be them need to put calls around to check on them now”

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