Nigerian man shares funny experience with a slay mama he helped with accommodation in Lagos

A Nigerian man identified as Ola has taken to twitter to share his experience with a slay mama in Lagos. According to Ola, a girl he helped by accommodating her in his guest room messed up his apartment by not flushing the toilet.

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The guy wrote

” I offered your twitter WCM who came from Abuja for the NBA conference in Lagos and needed somewhere to stay in Lekki my guest room. I have just found out she left the toilet unflushed and left used toilet paper littered on the floor. I feel angry and provoked. Pig in weavon… I am actually so pissed tonight. Worse still she’s not picking her calls. What kind of animal is this?I am boiling. The nerve !!!”




Concerned Nigerians have reacted to this funny but sensitive issue and here are some of the things they had to say:

“This guy has no chill. Every thing mustn’t come on social media, we have really abused the privilege of using social media. ”

” There are better ways to approach issues. They are both wrong. The guy’s manner of approach was not cool. The lady should have called his attention to the issue she had while trying to flush, not to mess up the whole place and japa”

“Some girls will be doing fine girl fine girl but 3 buckets of water can not flush their shit especially those ones with small nyansh.”

“This wasn’t intentional but she would have waited till the thing gets filled up to flush again or used a bucket. It’s called courtesy”


“She used too much toilet roll before trying to flush , this clogged up the drain hole and prevent the poo from going down. If he had a toilet brush ,she should have used this to unclog the blocked drain and prevented all this Alternatively, she could e explained her difficulty to him – even though it’s embarrassing. If this has happened to you before, you’d get this .”

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