Nigerian lady looses her job after her boyfriend did this to her

An undisclosed Nigerian lady was reported to have lost her job because of what her boyfriend did to her in her place of work.  According to Uncle Demola who took to twitter to share the story, he said:

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“Yesterday, a guy surprised his babe at her office. He sent a saxophonist to play her a birthday song. While saxophonist was playing & other staff were awwwing, the company MD walked in, got angry & threw saxophonist out of the office. Birthday girl was issued a query.It was all “Awwwwwwnn” in one minute, and the next, it was “Who is this? What are you doing here? Hey you, get out of here this minute!!!” Felt bad for the birthday girl but I felt worse for the saxophonist.”



Lots have Nigerians have reacted to this incident and here are some of the things they had to say below;

” The surprise will only last about 10-15minuted. Why not just warn her after they leave ? This is very unfair.”

“Well it depends on the company culture. At my office, such a show is absolutely welcome! The M.D should however have exhibited better emotional intelligence a d social awareness and not allow her mood dictate that of everyone else. This may lead to lower staff morale all round… my thoughts”

“The MD is right.. Work place is not a place for romance.. Both the babe and the man and the saxophone guy and u the writer is mad.. That’s a company and u are been paid for your time.. Do ur romance when u leave would have been a common sense, business is business..”

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“There should be limit to everything… we overdo things!!… I wouldn’t want that too in my office if am in the position”

“Female bosses are always the worse. Whether common supervisor or MD they are nasty to fellow females under them. They are often jealous of younger employees in the prime of their Youth as if they weren’t once young.”

“Its a work environ tho, taking permission from the MD won’t have been a bad idea”

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