Nigeria Man In Shock After Discovering ‘666’ on HIs Ring (Video)

In a video on Instagram, a man discovered the number 666 behind his ring. According to him, he had purchased the ring a few months ago, he said he had been wearing the ring unknown to him that they had the number inscribed behind it.

Watch the video below;

Unable to discover the inscription, the man revealed that the writing was covered with another gold-like metal which made difficult for sight.

The man who was left in total shock about when he figured out the number at the back of his ring, remarked; “how can someone do this at the back of a ring”.

It is an express belief in the religious circle in Nigeria that the number, ‘666’ is a number that is associated with satan or satanic activities more like demonism which most have given the man bad feeling he had when he saw the number at the back of his ring.

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