Nigerians React As Lady Shares Plate Of Food Sold For N90,000 In Lekki Restaurant

Nigeria travel and businesswoman, Glory Osei has revealed the menu of a Lekki restaurant charging N90,000 for gold plated steak.

Glory took to her social media platform to share the menu of Circa Non-Pareil in Lekki, Lagos that was charged N90,000 for a gold pleated steak meal in Lagos and the internet went into a frenzy.

While some believe that nothing is expensive you just can’t afford it, some believe that no matter how rich you are, some spendings are just irrational.

A plate of gold plated steak for N90,000 might be too expensive for some, but for those who can afford it, it’s nothing.

Everyone must know their financial capacity and know distinctively what they can and cannot afford, hence let everyman mind his pocket, if he must have fun and visit some amazing places to have a taste of something new and fresh.

See how Nigerians reacts after Glory shared the price of the plated steak;

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