Lagos big boy strips naked to avoid being arrested by the police , Video

Video of a Lagos big boy stripping naked on the road in front of policemen have surfaced on the internet.  In the video, the man who was wearing boxers alone was seen shouting angrily, denying that he is not a “Yahoo Yahoo” boy. Few seconds later, the guy pulled his boxers and went to meet the policemen who were also dumbfounded and did not know what to do.

See Video below:

Concerned Nigerians have expressed their thoughts on the funny but sensitive issue. See some reactions below:

“Read between the lines people. The government expects everyone to be poor. You have no business looking good and driving a car in Nigeria. This is slavery”

“Na madness fit cure madness Na Shey dem say dem mad ni Make madness full ground make we see who go taya”

“Most Nigerian guys are yahoo yahoo & the girls are into olosho business. It saddens my heart everyday!”

“Each time I see this sort of thing, I get scared. This could happen to any of us. God, when??”

“So youths can’t drive cars peacefully in this country again….Na wa o”

“once you’re well dressed in Nigeria and young = yahoo boy. because most police officers didn’t have great upbringing and are bitter”


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