True Life Story: “My Mother Slept With My Husband” -Lady Shares Touching Story

An anonymous lady, shared a heart breaking story of how her husband slept with her mother under her roof on their matrimonial bed.

She narrates;

“Yes, you read that right. I walked in on my mother and my husband in our matrimonial bed! It started a few years ago when I got married to my knight in shining amour. It was love, at first sight, one day in a local joint where I had gone to relieve my head off the weekly negative vibes…

“You know those Friday nights when you have just been paid and you want to say ‘sorry’ to your body.
Fast forward, let me start off by saying, I can’t leave my husband. Or, rather, I don’t want to. I love him. We have children together, he’s a great father, and I know he didn’t want this to happen.

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“My mother has always been kind of a horrible person. Narcissistic. Borderline. But, over the years, and after having my children, we’ve grown really close. I don’t have many friends, so my mother was my one constant, other than my husband. It’s late. We’ve had visitors, we’ve been drinking. I’m demented with exhaustion and stress. The baby needs a bottle and the toddler demands a hug. My husband sits on the couch and my mother is on the floor in front of him.

“There’s an undercurrent, something unspoken, between them. He’s massaging her shoulders. While I get my sons fed and ready for bed, I can see the message is becoming something else. My husband and my mother are making out, in front of me, in my living room. Unable to deal with it, I ignore them. I was suppose to throw a pot of cold water over them, throw them out of the house and out of my life, but I’m so tired my face is falling off and my bones area unit crumbling, and this can be too outrageous to even acknowledge. So, I head to the bedroom, put my baby to sleep and off I dozed.

“So yeah. Woke up and found that my husband still hadn’t come to bed after we had a party that evening. it was super late, and I went looking for him. Across the hallway, I meet my husband in his boxers coming from the direction of the guest room where my mother sleeps. “Darl, it is late. Why are you walking half-naked in the middle of the night like a witch? I ask Daniel (not his real name). He stammers but finally manages a few words saying that the lights in the guest room were on so he was just being ‘economical’ with the power.

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“I obviously didn’t believe him after what I had seen earlier on but we went to bed anyway acting less concerned. I hatched a plan for the following day, which was a Sunday. I put my babies down for an afternoon nap. I told my mother and husband that I was headed to the market for groceries and I will take long, so they should look after the babies for 3 hrs.

“I left with my keys, both for the gate and the house. I never left my compound. I hid behind a bush next to my house for 30 minutes. It was time to catch the thief with his hand in the cooking pot. Like a thief, I slowly pushed the front door and got in the house and tiptoed towards my bedroom. I heard some noise across the hallway.

“Damn! I was right! My mother was mourning loud enough to wake up any living thing in the house! And from the sound of it, she was enjoying every single stroke my husband gave! I pushed the bedroom door and lucky enough, it was not close either! There she was lying naked on my matrimonial bed, with my husband on top of her. How gross!

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“But why? How can I unsee what I saw/ How could they do this to me? How am I supposed to look at my mother the same way again? How Can I even sleep in the same bed again? How can I look at my husband the same way again? Is it an abomination to share my husband with my mother? I am full of questions and I do not know what to do next. Ut like I mentioned above, I love my husband and I cannot leave him.”

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