Throw Back Thursday: Crazy And Hilarious Things We Did As Kids

Kids are wonderful creatures with hearts of gold and imagination that just runs wild, but most importantly kids know how to have fun and keep the wonder alive.

Check out a list of things people did as kids and feel free to add yours to the list in the comment section below.

1. Eat bogger out of your nose 

2.Wearing your parent’s oversized clothes

3. Playing Police and Thief

4. Shouting In Front of your house calling your friends to play 

5. Eating food from the floor 

6. Finished eating and cleaning the plate with your tongue

7. Playing in the rain 

8. Falling Asleep with your pet 

9. Drawing on the walls of the house 

Don’t you just miss the days of being a kid where you could do silly things and get away with them. Which one relates more with you? Share with us the most ridiculous things you did as a kid in the comment section. Like and Share this article