SEE 5 Things To Avoid Posting On Social Media

Social media spaces are addictives in nature no doubt. A lot of us, particularly young Nigerians give out so many details of our daily lives on the internet that we forget that overtime the internet has become toxic and unsafe to be mindful of what information about families, and our friends we put out. This article aims to teach some vital information about oneself, you shouldn’t be putting out on social media space.

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Social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the top networking sites that unite people from different backgrounds and the geographical zone around the world.

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It is no news, that the Internet is public, Once we put out certain information about ourselves on the Internet, it is totally out of our control what people intend to do with it and can possibly be used against you in the future.

Here are 5 things that must be avoided putting out on the internet for your own safety.

* Screenshots of personal conversations – A lot of people do this, maybe for clouts or likes any of which, so very wrong. It is called private chat for a reason and it stopped be private when you decide to share it in public. However, putting private info would not only endanger you but would make people not value you, or would rather not share anything personal with you as they will have the feeling that you might share that conversation.

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* Your Home Address – This is very vital information and for no reason should be shared on social media. Your home address and personal phone number, except on your social profile, which should be a very narrow one with few true friends. Don’t post where you live as you are making things easy for criminals to locate you. There’s a lot a criminal can do using just your address.


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* Your Financial Status – A woman’s husband was recently murdered in Lagos after she flaunted bundle of naira cash on facebook. If you value your life, whether or not you are a millionaire or middle class, don’t share your financial status with your social media friends to avoid any bad exposure that might cause bad people to start haunting you.

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Current Location – Some times you are in some sort of place that makes you feel heady and you want to let your online friends know you are chilling off in some resort at Ikoyi. But what some people don’t know is that when they post a status update or a tweet, they may also be revealing their current location through geo-tagging. Giving out your location information can be dangerous because it tells potential thieves that you are not at home.

*Anything you don’t want to be online FOREVER- According to Alao Abiodun, When you put something on social media, you have to assume it’s out there permanently. In the age of screenshots, there is no ‘taking it back’, even if you’ve made a big mistake. Before you post anything remotely personal or sensitive, ask yourself, “Do I want this to be online forever?” If the answer is no, don’t hit the ‘post’ button!


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