Ladies Here Are 5 Ways That Shows You Are Being Desperate To Have Him

Girls tend to possess a 6th sense about guys. You meet a guy and pretty soon you’ve invested in him and want to get to know him better. But it’s easy to cross the line between just getting to know a guy and making yourself look desperate and we want to help you avoid that.

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Here are 5 ways you make yourself look desperate even when you’re not:

Being too mushy

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Men know if they deserve your love when they have earned it. Being overly affectionate makes them think you want them more than they want you. They’ll end up taking you for granted and you’ll come off as desperate. Make him work for it.

Getting physical too soon

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You can’t keep a man with sxx. As much as we all want to think sxx is not a big deal, it is to men. Giving him sex too early in the relationship makes him wonder if that’s how you give it to other guys so easily too.

Getting clingy

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At first, he asks you out and calls you. Then you get comfortable and start calling and texting too often and it becomes you chasing him. Men like the chase and even when you’ve settled into a comfortable relationship, he still needs to work for your attention if not he’ll get tired.

Having kinky sxx before you know he is absolutely yours

Leave kinky sxx till you’ve grown a stable relationship and you know he is truly yours. It comes off as begging and being easy. So don’t do risky stuff with a guy until you’re absolutely sure you can trust him with your life.

Investing in him too soon

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You might think you’re letting him know you’re supportive but that’s not the message he’s getting. He’s going to feel like you’re buying his affection and that’s always going to come off as desperate.

PS: Don’t go and be seeing a future after 3 dates. You’re not even sure he wears clean boxers yet. We’ll love your contributions in the comment section.

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