Nigerian Man Curses His Oyinbo Girlfriend In Igbo, Gives Her Wrong Translation (Video)

A Nigerian man from the igbo descent uploaded recently a controversial video where he was seen calling his white girlfriend and asking her to say yes to the bad names he was calling her in Igbo language.

The video after it was first shared by the man has been making rounds on social media space as many online users found the video unpleasant and distasteful. Watch the video below;


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VIDEO: And this. Someone Please Translate

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According to the blogger, thenaijaframe, the Igbo man as seen in the viral video was saying some offensive words to his naive white girlfriend, while he pleaded with her to say yes to each of the bad names he called her. Unwittingly she obliged.

Amongst the bad names, he called her, were ewu(Goat) and many other offensive names. The man said these words to her playfully and although his girlfriend at some point in the video inquired to know the meaning of these words, he lied, telling her the words meant, you are cute, you are beautiful which is contrary to what they meant.

The video has sparked outrage, as many well-meaning Nigerians do not find the what the man did even though playfully funny.


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