Meet Igbo Lady Who Has Been Married To A Dead Man For 12 Years, See Why

Chinyere Ikemefuna Orji is the name of the Igbo lady who was married off to late Ikemefuna’s who’d die at his prime and couldn’t get married. Chinyere in the trending video revealed that she married her husband after his death.


Chinyere agreed to marry Ikemefuna after he had died, so that his family could continue his lineage as part of an Igbo custom in south-east Nigeria. Watch video below;

Speaking to BBC Africa crew, she stated that, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. She also went on to reveal that, nobody forced her into doing it and she had personally agreed to the arrangement.


Recounting how long she has been married to her dead husband, she says that, September 2019 will make it 12years. The wedding had held in 2007.


The lady who stays in the family house with the mother of her dead husband, who identifies as Felicia Orji, calls Chinyere her wife and they have been living in peace together. She revealed in the video that, her son Ikemefuna had died before he’d married or had children. See some of the reactions below;



And in the bid to continue her son’s family lineage, her late husband, after her son’s death, insisted a wife must be found for him. She recounted how a family meeting was held to plan the process. Then they agreed to the price for the bride, fulfilled the marriage rites duties which afterward made Chinyere an eligible wife, bringing her home to the family.


Late Ikemefuna’s mother shared how her dead son’s wife, assist her with chores, like going to the market together, buy food, cook and they eat together.

Chiyere says, she is happy here and her dead husband’s family takes proper care of her. Although, when she was first told about her Ikemefuna’s death, she expressed sadness, but nudged her self up. Chinyere is also a mother of three children. Their father is an agreed member of Ikemefuna’s extended family.


Felicia Orji excitedly shares the reason behind the whole marriage rites is, the joy about the marriage is that despite the fact that my son died abroad, God provided a wife for him



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