Potholes Give Me Orgasm -Woman With Uncontrollable Sxxual Climax Narrate Touching Story

Identified as Maria, a woman says she is triggered into orgasms by minor things as small as a pothole and aircraft turbulence which she is lamenting that is running her life.

A 61-year-old mother is revealed to be suffering from PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder) which has been confirmed to affect an estimate of one per cent of women.

Unable to control nor avoid experiencing orgasms even when she feels no sxxual desires.

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‘Most of the moment I feel like I am lying on an ant’s nest,’ Maria, from Glasgow, cried.

‘There are occasions where it’s a tickle whole day, but later something switches it and it becomes a full-blown orgasm. ‘Driving past potholes, aircraft disturbance, elevators, the oscillation from violins – I don’t recognise how many women could say they went to a Shania Twain concert and she gave them an orgasm.

‘Ninety per cent of my life has been destroyed, the remaining ten per cent is not so grand either.

‘I had to forsake volunteering because just walking can set it off. ‘One of my friends said to me I’d display a recluse.’

Proved futile, the widow from East Dunbartonshire has tried several means to curb this menace which include; numbing gels, pelvic floor physiotherapy and steroid injections directly into her clitoris.

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Afraid to try Botox, which she is afraid might leave her unable to control her sxxual desires after a normal gynaecological check at Glasgow’s Stobhill Hospital in September 2017, where a speculum was crashed into her.

She later recognised the following month after her visit to the gynaecologist that she was experiencing distress symptoms for the first time which later was diagnosed as PGAD, caused by the damage to she sustained in her pudenda nerve.

Which makes her experience orgasm when she hits a pothole or any disturbance or turbulence.

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Maria, who has grown children, said: “To assume that this illness was caused by a consultant’s ineptitude and then you have lewdness as a result of things you do to try to correct, the loss is not just absurd. “It’s surprising.”

She has been pressing to be referred overseas for therapy, but notwithstanding the efforts of her, MP Jo Swinson has been rejected by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde health board.

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Instead, the trust has transferred her to London for therapy, as Scotland has no professional in PGAD – which was formally identified as dysfunction in 2013 and attacks one per cent of women. A spokesperson for NHS GGC said: ‘We have examined and exhausted all therapies open locally for this case and have been inadequate to alleviate their signs.

‘Therefore, we have strived to introduce them to a specialist consultant in London.’ Ms Swinson said: ‘It’s disheartening that it has become so long for the health board to recognise that they are not capable to offer efficient therapy themselves. ‘However, I am happy to see that things are going in a confident direction and I hope that this helps to recognise a successful remedy plan for Maria.’

Mum-of-three Maria recounts that women who undergo the condition ‘should understand they are not monsters’. She added: ‘People shouldn’t have to experience this and be mocked. ‘It’s far from amusing. This has broken up matrimonial homes. ‘Some women have terminated their own lives. ‘It saps your spirit because, to be just, there are moments I wish I wasn’t here.’

Meanwhile, the health board still argues that the destruction of her pudendal nerve was induced by the smear test.