Why Nigerians love to eat corn

If there is one thing that makes Nigerian look forward to rainy seasons, it is because of one peculiar thing that comes with the rain. The season is usually regarded to as the corn season because it comes with corn in abundance. Well, however you like your corn served, whether with pear or coconut, it is one fruit that leaves one craving for more.

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This delicious fruit is not just a snack or food to quench hunger, it has several health benefits. They include: Corn contains carotenoids-Latein and Zeaxanthis which good for eye sight. It prevents diverticular diseases and also serve as a good source of iron, corn prevents anaemia. Corn contains carotenoids that protects the skin and eyes from oxidative damage leading to cancer.

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So many do not know that Corn is good source of fibre that lowers cholesterol and prevents constipation. For those trying to loose weight, the fibre content in corns makes one easily full.

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The cash crop contains phenolic phytochemicals that regulate blood pressure and prevent hypertension.Maize is a source of thymine that sharpens brain functions.

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It also synthesizes acetycholine that improves the memory and having high amount of carbonhydrate, corn is a good source of energy. It is a good meal for people suffering from diabetes as it helps control the blood sugar levels.

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