Congratulations Madam! Likely Reasons Gbemisola Saraki May Remain Single For Long

Trending on social media Twitter, Senator Gbemisola Saraki, daughter of Kwara’s most decorated politician and younger sister to the 8th National Assembly Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has won a spot on the ministerial list in the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for the next 4 years.


With the ‘#Congratulations ma’, Gbemisola eventful life of success as a politician with an acclaimed wit and grit have made many made references to her as the woman with beauty and brain.

Decorated with enormous abilities, Gbemisola is to many women an inspiration while to others a Diva, irrespective of the opinions held about her, she has successfully built her political itinerary through the hard and difficult path.

Against popular norm in the political sphere, she rose to the pinnacle of her career by winning the heart of the poor and unimportant in the community, and not by inducing the favours of Godfathers.

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Her background at an early stage has exposed her to have a bite of many strata of life which has given her a proper foresight of life and people.

Amidst all these beautiful accolades, Gbemisola’s marriage remains one of the questionable aspects of her life.  With the grace and beauty of a woman such as Gbemisola, one would expect that it would have given her a blissful and successful marriage, contrary to that, it didn’t.

After the eventful end of her marriage with Segun Fawora, she has remained single ever since.

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As a mother of 3, the eminent question on everyone’s mind is when she would give love another shot, an expectation that she is not showing any sign of fulling any time soon.

Though controversial, considering the conservation nature of our current society that supports that a woman should not live without a man in her life, Gbemisola surely has a different outlook about life and marriage.

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A woman of her status with such a terrain of great achievement might consider marriage the least important in her agenda, as she must have given herself into achieving more giant strides than walking down the aisle with a man.

What everyone wants and desire is peace and quietness, with a comfortable fulfilment that makes them see their life as one that they are happy with.

If marriage is not where Gbemisola finds it, then it is safe to say, she might remain single for a long time.

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