Why You Fear Rejection -ZODIAC Signs Explains

Apart from failing in your exams and not getting the promotion you thought you deserved, another thing that hurts the most is rejection. Whether it’s the neighbour you’ve been crushing on for years or the colleague fact that you may not have received the percentage you desired in your board exams, coping with rejection varies from person to person, and sometimes zodiac signs to zodiac signs. But most often, being unable to cope with rejection is directly linked to your stars.

Finding it hard to cope with rejection? Here’s how your Zodiac Sign might be to blame: 

The leaders of the pack need to always have control. But the fire sign tends to become snappy and irritable when things don’t always go their way or as per the plan they’ve made. The sudden rejection can throw the ‘need-to-be-organised’ Arien off-guard. Almost awful at handling rejections, it’s the fear of rejection in an Arian that might just be their biggest problem.


It’s almost quite possible that you’re unable to move on from the rejection is because this sudden rejection has hurt your pride and ego. More on the lines, “Why would such a thing happen to me?” And if it isn’t your ego, it’s probably an unfamiliar territory that’s way out of your comfort zone that’s making it hard for you to cope with this new feeling.


Coping with rejection shouldn’t be hard for you emotionally detached Geminis. Most of you aren’t emotionally invested in things that don’t convince you 100%. But if the rejection is still bothering you, it probably means that you’ve finally found something that you really care about and that’s going to take a little while for you to deal with.


Still, hate confrontation? Probably that’s the main reason for you to not let this matter go. Bottling up all your emotions and thoughts can be riskier than you would’ve imagined. Moreover, just because things aren’t going your way, doesn’t mean you give up half way and accept the rejection you probably could fight off with in the first place. 


Maybe it’s about time you swallow your pride now Leo. Maybe you’re fierce and stand by what you really want, but the concept of not getting what you really want is a concept that you might want to acquaint yourselves with.


Not everything in life can go as per your strict schedule Virgo. Rejection is one of the worst feelings in the world, but sometimes it’s probably because you refuse to look left or right that gets you into such a sticky situation in the first place. Whether it’s your schedule need to overpower everyone around you, it’s perfectly okay to give someone else a chance while you’re trying to be #1.


Your biggest strength might just be your biggest weakness too. Maybe constantly wanting to balance things is your biggest drawback. There are certain situations that don’t need you to balance things out.


Maybe it’s time for you to go easy on the constructive criticism and tie up your inner dragon. Scorpions tend to speak exactly what’s on their mind and not filter all the words. Apart from being a firebrand, being stubborn might be the primary reason for you being unable to cope with rejection


You are intellectual and your blazing arrows may not always go down well with everyone around you. It’s quite possible that this particular quality might not go well with everyone around you.


Everything you do is an investment. Moreover, you don’t always have to be persistent and realistic about every little detail. Ambition is one of the hardest things to cope with and maybe it’s because of the amalgamation of all your qualities.


While you may take a little longer to deal with because of your independent yet assertive nature. It’s not like you have another choice, but maybe it’s okay to chill a little bit.


Expectations lead to disappointment and its probably the over-trusting nature that leads you to suffer from coping with rejection.