Moyo Lawal Flaunts Her Melons In Wet Transparent Dress

Controversial Nollywood actress, Moyo lawal, who is currently on a holiday trip in Dubai, had taken to social media to display her attractive body to fans and followers a few days back. In the photo, the endowed actress was seen wearing a black turtle neck shirt and a grey underwear. Lawal captioned the photo: “Good morning if i hear piiiiim, no more vacation pictures or videos for you people”

Moyo Lawal

Many of her fans were infuriated by the pictures and had taken to the comment section of her social media page to criticize her for uploading such photo, while others commended the actress for having a good physique. But today Actress Moyo Lawal shared another daring photo of herself lounging by the pool with her nipples straining against her wet yellow dress.

Sharing the photo of her vacationing in Dubai, she warned followers not to drag her because she’s “decently dressed”.

Moyo Lawal flaunts her nipples in wet dress

She wrote: “Before you bite me , just remember, I am supposed to be in a bikini or swimsuit , so actually ayam still decently dressed ??…… …… p.s ….. Do not zoom !!! ”

What do you think about these daring photos of Moyo Lawal, do you think they are lovely or immoral for public view? please share your views with us in the comment section.