Checkout 5 Sure Tricks Ladies Can Use To Stylishly Toast Men

With regards to who makes the initial move in dating, men are frequently (and expected to be) proactive. On the other hand, most women leave it to chance. Some would say “It is the man’s prerogative to ask a woman out”, say. Is it really?

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We have evolved as a people and it is time for women to start taking matters in their hands. Some women would say, they would rather die than ask a guy out. The man you love may never notice you if you refuse to act. So how do you ask him out or get him to notice you ?

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Not to worry ladies, here are some tips for you:

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Send Him A Teasing Note
Remember those letters that relays our affection towards our crush we used to write back in the days to our love interest? Yeah, write him something not too affectionate but less emotional or dramatic. A simple “I like you. Call me” note would do.

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Walk Up To Him
This one will make you feel so shy and probably tremble but it’s fast and effective. Go to him somewhere you can talk most preferably a quiet place , and express how you truly feel about him. Then ask him out on a date better still if he would like to hang out somewhere you could bond, could be out for a few drinks it doesn’t have to be something fancy.

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Ask Him For A favor
Most times guy’s usually run to the aid of a “damsel in distress”. So ladies, ask a favor of him with a simple task. Not financial help, please. Make it  something really easy that you can do on your own, and you pretend to be ignorant of it. That should get you close enough to get his attention and  know him better. Then you can propose a date.

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Send Him A DM On Social Media
There are cases where your male crush may be on social media or on a dating site. First step, is to make sure he notices you on the timeline before moving to direct message (DM). You can do this by interacting with his content or post through delibrate comments. Then you can slide into his DM and complement his post.

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Group Date
Make some plans with your close friends and invite him for a group date. The beach has the perfect ambience for this kind of date. “Hi. My friend and I plan on seeing a movie this weekend at the cinema. She is coming with her boyfriend. I was wondering if you would like to come with me.”

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And if you are still having second thoughts, ask yourself: what is the worst that can possibly happen? If he says no, move on dear.