5 Things To Know Before Getting Into Office Romance

Office romances are not a rare concept. With the kind of jobs we have and the number of hours we spend working, getting romantically involved with a co-worker is not always surprising. Some of the most famous office romances prove that these affairs sometimes even become long-lasting relationships.

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Take, for instance, Bill and Melinda Gates, who met on the job, or Barack and Michelle Obama, who also started dating after meeting at a law firm. But, it is not always hunky dory when it comes to finding a partner in the office.

If you are already in an office romance or are planning to get into one, these 5 important tips are for you:

1) Don’t let it affect your work:

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The reason you are in office is to work, and while falling for someone in the professional space is not a crime, it is important to keep your focus. Distractions can often lead to slip-ups that can harm your career prospects. Hence, it is essential to be mindful of this, and don’t let your productivity reduce.

2) Check company policy:

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This is a must. Many companies have a no-tolerance policy towards office romances. If your company has the same rule, then you might want to avoid it. If it is serious, you should consult your HR to find a way to deal with this. Don’t try to hide.

3) Don’t use office property:

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Never use work emails to send personal emails to your loved one. This is unprofessional and something you should totally avoid.

4) No PDA:

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While being in love or having a crush can be a mushy feeling, public display of affection in the office is a complete no-no. While it attracts too much attention, it might put your co-workers in an awkward place, something that can be totally avoided. Getting cosy with each other on official premises is not acceptable. Also, the team should not feel that you are being biased to someone because of your romantic involvement.

5) No public spats:

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Having personal fights in the office can often take an ugly turn. Washing dirty linen in public can turn against you, as it will involve some other workers as well and might even reach the management. More than that, it can be very uncomfortable for your colleagues, who might start resenting your affection towards your co-worker.

6) Avoid messy breakups:

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While this is not always in one’s hand, a messy breakup can be detrimental for the career at times, especially if you are dating someone who has a different seniority level than you.

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