5 Signs She’s Not Interesting In You

Ladies, I am about to reveal our little tricks to evade men.*Don’t hate me* We all know that guy who just can’t seem to go away. You’ve tried dropping all the subtle hints but alas, he is as oblivious as a doormat. Something about men and ‘the thrill of the chase’, dear Mr Sir, she doesn’t want to be chased, she is not Jerry and you sure aren’t Tom. Here are a few signs she’s just not that into you:

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1. One-worded replies

“Hey, how are you?” “Fine”, “How was your day?” “Fine”, “What do you think of this whole Trump fiasco with Iran?” “Fine”. Mr Sir, all is not ‘fine’, women are naturally expressive and love to talk about their day.

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They especially love sharing their thoughts with someone they are into, if you are not receiving this crucial information, my friend, just abort the mission. She’s not feeling your vibe.

2. Never available to meet/Indecisiveness

“So how about I take you out this Friday, lunch maybe?” “Uhm, we’ll see”, “Drinks after work sometime maybe?”, “Soon, I’ll let you know” “I need a kidney and you’re a match, please come to the hospital” “Not sure, my schedule is really busy”.

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These responses are all just code words for‘never gonna happen even if pigs fly and goats do the salsa’. If she wanted to know you better, she would have accepted a date in a heartbeat. But Mr Sir, she is dodging your plans, take the hint and let her go.

3. Ignores you for a number of hours/days

You are staring at those dreaded grey ticks on WhatsApp. You know she has her read receipts on and if she had actually opened your text, the ticks would be blue.

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But they are grey, a very hideous shade of grey that just cements the fact that she didn’t even give your message so much as a glance. Please accept my sympathies! We are attached to our phones, literally. Be assured she saw the notification pop up, noticed it was you and archived your chat. Just accept your loss and walk away.

4. Avoids all forms of physical contact

Now some people just don’t do well with the whole touchy-touchy affair. But a hug and shoulder graze here and there is expected from someone you have been talking to.

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But every time you meet her, she extends her hand out to you as if you are in a board meeting. If she was feeling your vibe, she would welcome the hug and standing close to each other but she literally looks for ways to avoid you. Jump ship, this iceberg is too large.

5. Reiterating that you are just friends

Friends, ‘just friends’, the dreaded word when you are interested in someone. If she keeps calling you her ‘friend’ and even goes as far as even introducing you as her ‘friend’ there is no hope there.

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Welcome to the friend zone, population YOU! The friend zone isn’t as bad as many assume it to be, at least she’ll still be in contact with you. Well, that’s if you don’t throw a tantrum about being in the friend zone and end up being blocked.

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Now, Mr Sir, these are but a few hints to shoo you away, some are a bit less subtle, like being told to jump into the nearest lake or disappear from the earth’s atmosphere. Be observant, the hints are there don’t choose to ignore them.

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