Shocking Photos Of Man And His Best Friend Dating The Same Lady That Got People Talking

A controversial photo of two Pakistani male have sparked mixed recations on social media after the photo was shared on the internet. According to Bazil, after he and his best friend found out that they are in love with the same girl, “we come to an agreement because that’s what friendship is all about.”

Alot of online users have found the photo unfathomable after one of the male in the photo revealed that, both he and his bestie are in some sort of a romantic relationship with the same girl.

According to the man, who identifies as @bazilkhann on twitter, he revealed that despite they are both dating the same girl, it hasn’t in any way caused problems between them.

He further went on to say, they both had unknowingly, fell in love with the same woman, and rather they feud over her like most guys would have done, they both had to come to an understanding in a form of agreement. Where both of them would share and love the lady un conditionally.

The photo shared by the duo, depicts him and his best-friend kissing their mutual girlfriend. They both also strike a pose with the girl as they share a kiss in turn with her. He shared the photo to buttress his point of the mutual agreement between them.

Bazil said, “My best friend and I love the same girl, we don’t fight, we come to an agreement because that’s what friendship is all about.”

Bazil further added that dating the same lady has never caused a fight between himself and his best friend as they understand each other, Fox Meek reports.

This which didn’t sit down well with most social media has sparked a lot of mixed reactions with many users blasting the lady for allowing herself to be ‘used’ and others hailing the girl of being a real MVP.

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