Evidence: Not R@#e! Here’s Why Nigeria Girls Like ‘Force’ – Jaja PhD

A Nigerian man has taken to the Twitter platform to state that the average Nigerian woman prefers intimacy by coercion .

Legit news reports that according to the post shared by the man identified as @JajaPhD, women tend to be indecisive when it comes to getting intimate.

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The Twitter user, @JajaPhD, went on to share personal experiences of other guys that corroborated his claims Following the social media outrage trailing stories of sexual abuse, a Nigerian man has taken to the platform to share quite an interesting view on the matter.

According to Twitter user @JajaPhD, the average Nigerian woman tends to prefer intimacy by coercion or harassment. He went on to advise ladies to be more outspoken about their sexual urges as doing otherwise encourages the rape culture.

He wrote: “The average Nigerian woman tends to prefer sex by coercion or harassment. I had a conversation about this yesterday and the day before. Ladies, there’s no need to say no when you want sex, hoping that he will persist.Such behaviour perpetuates rape culture. Grow up.”

“Additionally, there are guys like me who are very responsible about sex and will always ask for consent. Shaming us for being weak, weird or unable to take cues is deplorable. That must change too. Let’s all strive to be better please.”

As expected, the tweet was received with mixed reactions as some Twitter users accused him of pushing a dangerous narrative subtly encouraging sexual abuse.

“This is so wrong a belief. Gentlemen don’t be confused. Always seek consent. No is No. When you hear No, walk away as fast as you can .Men should understand the repercussions of coercion or harassment will eventually catch up with them when they least expect it.”

“To see that you have a PhD attached to your name. No wonder the numerous PhD’s in Nigeria have added little value to the country’s growth.”

In response, @JajaPhD shared some messages he got from guys who confirmed his tweet to be true. In some of the stories shared, most of the guys were mocked by the ladies for not ‘trying hard enough’ to prove they wanted sex.

Still on stories about women being partly to blame in the increase in sexual immorality, another Nigerian lady identified as Grace Amarachi, has shared her views on the matter. According to her, women contribute to the increase in sexual immorality especially with the way the dress.

She went on to advise ladies to dress more decently to church as pastors are merely humans who are very well capable of falling into temptation.

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