Touching: After 4 Years In The University, See Heroic Decision Of Young Man With ‘Fake’ Admission

According to the structure of the Nigerian institution, a young man who is a graduate of Mass Communication of the Abia state university, Ramsey Aka, was set to go for his mandatory one year NYSC, when he was told his admission was not recognised by the institution.

Legit News reports that he made a decision to return to school despite the saddening news, he soon graduates as the best student of his department and ready to serve his father land again.

His story was narrated by one Blessing Emeka Okorogba on Facebook, she told that instead of poor Aka to be depressed or sue the institution for damages, he choose to retake the whole academic session again.

Blessing narrates;

“The NYSC candidate pictured hereunder is called Ramsey Aka. After a smooth 4years in Mass communication in Abia State University, while he was to clear him self with his mates and go for service for that year, he was told that his admission was not recognized, authentic or what ever you may call it.

“After all the fees, classes, exams, and other school engagements, his admission was questioned.

“This young man, instead of dropping out, shying away, suing whoever suable for that costly mistake and damages or being depressed, chose to start all over again with the new intakes.

“He began a completed journey afresh, paid the fees again, attended the classes again, took all the exams again, wrote another project topic and today he has graduated.

“Now the interesting part of the story is that he did graduate as the best student from the department. Now serving his father land.

“We are using his story to encourage anyone out there who may be taking a beating from life. Man it up. Don’t take your life. You shall make it if you endure.

“Congratulations Ramsey!
He Defeated Suicide.
After 4 Years Of Study, His Admission Was
Declared Fake. Instead Of Suicide Or Her Cohorts. He Went Back. Started All Over Again. Became A Graduate. Now A Corper. Big Congratulations Bro”

It is known that schooling in Nigeria is an herculean task, which makes student desire nothing than completing their studies and graduating from the institution that they might be free from the enormous tasking responsibility that is required to badge their first degree.

But the story of Aka has taught us that giving up is not an option when pursuing our goals and what we want to achieve.

Take a cue from Aka story and give yourself the inspiration to start again if the need be, just make sure you don’t quit in whatever it is you are pursuing.

Legit News

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