Bill Gates And Dangote’s Dish Washing Secret To Becoming A Billionaire

Oftentimes we hear, see and learn the things that matter the most from the most unlikely places.

#Hustle oh!, is now the trend in Nigeria society that tends to promote and encourage young fellows to work hard, make loads of cash that they might be relevant amongst peers and contemporary.

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With an undeterred motivation to become millionaires or billionaires, the youths of Nigeria has taken to many diverse media in the fulfilment of their quest for making money.

As a norm, in our present society, a person’s worth is tied to his net worth, this has spurned many into the rat race of money making either legitimately or otherwise.

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While some indulge in crimes and other vices to make the status quo in the society, diligent and hardworking millennials take on business and job opportunities to make ends meet and to lift themselves out of poverty in the presently unfavourable economy of our dear country.

Run as a capitalist economy the giant of Africa seems not to be favourably to all, giving a privileged opportunity to only those who have the capital for the establishment of any business or ideas that are intended to generate financial profit.

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This has made many to question the possibility of ever been able to make a living talkless of a fortune from the strangling economic situation of our present society.

In the quest for financial independence and accruement of fortunes, the success-hungry millennials attend the business school of prestigious institutions, read volumes of books, attend numerous financial conferences, seek mentors who have had a proven business record.

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Against this popular or rather supposed norms, the secret to becoming a billionaire does not seems to lie in any of them, as the world’s two richest men give a rather mundane secret of their wealth.

To learn how to do a thing, watch and learn from someone who has done it before successfully, and you’ll replicate their results, says a wise counsel.

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Co-founder, Microsoft Co-operation and world’s second richest billionaire, Bill Gates in an interview with Reddit Ask Me Anything, was asked;

“What is something you enjoy doing that you think no one would expect from you?” Gates, who is now worth $90 billion, replied, “I do the dishes every night — other people volunteer, but I like the way I do it.”

The tech mogul’s response has launched a search by science to prove if his money-making prowess has a linking to his daily dishwashing habits.

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According to Forbes, Gates net-worth is estimated at around $90 Billion, which could afford him to hire 100 million dishwashers if has to, but then if he could afford to hire as many dishwashers, why then does he do it himself?

Sure to say, the link to Bill Gates love for dishwashing is more than just showing love to his wife or helping out at home, it has a lot to do with his billions.

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A quick throwback into Gates life,  as a drop out in one of the world’s most prestigious school, Harvard University, Gates took an unconventional part to pursue his dream and love. His burning passion for computer made him leave school, to establish his own company, Microsoft.

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At age 13, William Henry Gates, born 28 October 1955, in Seattle, Washington, encountered his first computer at Lakeside School. It was there he taught himself Basic programming, creating just a simple ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’ game.

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Deriving pleasure from working with a computer, Gates arranged with company Computer Center Corporation (CCC) to spend time on their computers – learning source code, such as Fortran, Machine Code and Lisp.

Enrolled at Harvard in 1973 to study Mathematics and Computer Science, but loving his own coding and seeing an opportunity to establish his own company, he dropped out of Harvard without finishing his course.

Three years after dropping out of school, Gates in 1976, founded Microsoft and formed a contract with MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems) to build a basic operating system for new microcomputers.

Hitting success, 1980 launched Microsoft into the limelight, after International Business Machine (IBM) approached them to build a new BASIC operating system for their new computers.

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Microsoft has ever since under the leadership of Bill Gates move from one level of success to another, making it now a global entity and the founder, Gates one of the most influential man on earth.

Gates had never really opened up about the real secret to his billion dollars tech conglomerate, save that he’s the co-founder of Microsoft, but his confession to dishwashing has risen science speculation that Gates is trying to show us something, a secret, possibly to how he makes his billions.

Microsoft tech mogul does not seem to stand alone on this, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon who is now currently the world richest man with an estimated net worth of  $112 billion, said;

“I do the dishes every night. I’m pretty convinced it’s the sexiest thing I do,” in an interview.

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While these men have a different reason why they do the dishes, they both attain the same results of heightened productivity that enables them to remain creative to keep multiplying their money.

One study taught volunteers to view doing the dishes as a chance to practice mindfulness by focusing on the present and the sensation of the suds, the warm water, and so forth.

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After just six minutes of scrubbing, the meditative dishwashers reported feeling 27% less nervous and 25% more inspired.

A Florida State University study also found that students who were primed to be mindful while washing dishes (i.e. focus on breathing and the touch, smell and feel of the task) saw a decrease in their stress levels and a boost in inspiration. Concentrating on the feeling of the warm water or the smell of the soap stimulated the brain.

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Another study by the University of California, Santa Barbara, found that doing mindless tasks allows the brain to wander and engage in creative problem-solving.

For instance, people who first completed a “boring” task, like copying numbers from a phone directory, were able to think more creatively afterwards, according to a study by the University of Central Lancashire.

Simply put these guys are at their best when they do the dishes which enable them to think creatively to become billionaires in dollars.

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While our very own, African richest man, Aliko Dangote has not confessed to doing the dishes but his relationship with Bill Gates would make it safe to say with his level of success as African’s richest man, he must also be doing the dishes.

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As it is popularly rendered, your company influence you, even if not the dishes, Dangote must be doing something that most people would regard as mundane that has given him a place amongst the billionaire’s in the world.

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You must not have to do the dishes, just find that thing that gives your creativity the edge it needs to flourish and make you billions and if it has to be doing the dishes, then do it with grace and honour and don’t be ashamed to let the world know.

What gives your creativity is edge?

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