Check Out 7 Games Nigerian kids Did For Fun In The Old Days (Photos)

If you grew up in this part of the world, you know some peculiar games kids of the 80s and 90s enjoyed and even kids of this present generation are currently on and having so much fun while at it.

Childhood in Nigeria are fun due to the varieties of games children pass time with after school work. Interestingly, like i mentioned earlier, there are games that came along side with every generation, for some generation it was either to farm or swim.

People of generation X, who were born between 1965-1980, were the tree climbers, the ones who had their best times at the farm or at the stream where they would swim and chat with each other.

However, for millennials, people who were born between 1981-1996, the games were numerous and a lot more fun and even some of the post-millennials know about these fun activities because they were just too good to be forgotten. According to, these are currently a list of common gaming activities that millennials had played and are accustomed to.


1. Outdoor games


Outdoor games were very common, kids would gather with their friends and play these games either at parties, during a break in school or during the holiday. Games like Suwe, hide and go seek, who is in the garden, rubber, ten-ten and so on were common outdoor games. Aside from the outdoor games, there were other ways to pass time as a child with toys bought by parents or guardians.

I. Suwe

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A unisex game that involves leaping one foot successively through the several facets of the divided rectangular box drawn on the ground. The game which is normally played by throwing a cover bottled drink or stones into one of the big boxes, then moves successively through shaoed drawn. If the player does not throw rightly. He/she losses out


II. Ten Ten

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This particular game is played by both boys and girls, but mostly played by girls who are months or sometimes years shy of puberty age, which ends the era of the game for females.The game usually involves two to more players. The player exchange legs and hands interchangeably, facing each other while making sure that both do not life same leg at the same time.



2. Bird water whistle



This particular toy was something kids really loved to play with. Kids fill it with water and blow on it to make a rumbling whistling sound. water bird game played by Nigerian kids.

3. Game Boy




Game boy was another toy that kept kids busy as many competitive ones would focus on it to stack up the bricks to gain points. Almost every kid had a game boy

4.Super Mario



Super Mario was a boss that many kids loved. Nigerian kids even coined the popular tune into something of theirs “Boya loma dele, nibi loma kusi.” The game was about a plumber who always tried to rescue his princess.


5. Lego:


Lego is more like a house game. Kids arrange the bricks to build whatever they want from schools to shops and so on. Leggo game played by Nigerian kids.

6.  Hand-held water game:


This hand-held water game is not so different from the game boy. You play until you have stacked up all the colourful rings inside the pointy pins. Hand-held water game played by Nigerian kids.

7. Dolls.



Dolls are mostly for girls when the boys are playing soccer with friends, girls might be playing with their dolls. Now, as a child, you either git the colourful ones or the barbie dolls. Dolls for females to play with


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