Top 10 richest and wealthiest neighbourhoods in Nigeria – No.3 is in Abeokuta! (Pictures)

Nigeria is a very rich country with millions of billionaires and millionaires. One thing we all can agree with is that in Nigeria, there are some neighbourhoods you know that are mainly for the rich and it’s only in these neighbourhoods you will see luxurious and expensive mansions fully equipped with all the latest home decors. This so because they’re the only ones that can afford such expensive lifestyle.

Here is a list of the 10 most expensive neighbourhoods in Nigeria right now…

10. Asokoro, Abuja

This upper-class area is known for being quite secure, and it attracts many millionaires and top government officials — with top real estate costing in the millions.

9. Jabi, Abuja

Located about 30 minutes from Abuja airport, this residential area boasts some fine homes, and with a new waterfront development underway, it may soon rival many top neighborhoods anywhere in the world.

8. Nicon Town, Lagos

With houses priced at $1.5 million, this area, located in Lagos, is opulent enough to be featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

7. Ikeja GRA, Lagos

Located in the suburbs of Lagos, this upper-class neighborhood has some lovely homes that require some serious cash.

6. GRA Phase 2, Portharcourt

Located in Port Harcourt, this area benefits from being surrounded by oil money. With expatriates taking up residence in the area, it’s definitely made for the elite.

5. Lekki scheme 1, Lagos

Image result for Photos of Davido House in Lekki

Lekki is a nice upper-class area with million-dollar homes. Houses here and their price tag can blow your head off.

4. Alalubosa, Ibadan

Located in Ibadan, Alalubosa hosts some fairly large and expensive homes, which helps to dispel perceptions of Ibadan as being severely underdeveloped.

3. Ibara, Abeokuta

With home prices becoming extremely high in Lagos’ surrounding areas, places like Ibara in Abeokuta are fast-growing and becoming highly coveted areas for people looking for more value for their money.

2. Banana island, Lagos

This man-made island is paradise for the world’s elite. This area is quite secluded, and houses easily cost upwards of $2 million.

1. Maitama, Abuja

Home to many embassies, this exclusive area was built for the crème de la crème and top politicians of the country.