Yoruba Descendants In Brazil Cerebrate Obaluwaye Festival In Style (Photos)

The Yoruba descendant in Brazil just finished celebrating Obaluwaye festival yesterday the 9th of June 2019. The festival which aims at promoting and also celebrates the Yoruba people and Yoruba land of West Africa and South America.


The Obaluwaye (Shakapana) festival is organized annually for Ifa/Orisha devotees at their shrine headquarters.

Though ethnic Akans (especially the Fantes) constitute the largest grouping of people that brand Trinidad in addition to Tobago population, Yoruba faith is nonetheless the most pop on the Island.

According to Baba Adeloni, the caput priest at the Ojubo Orisa Omolu “the festival started inwards 1996.” All the devotees of Yoruba deity Babaluye inwards Ifa/Orisha worship run across at the shrines earlier proceeding into the wood at Ragoonanan Road, Longdenville to perform their rituals.

Every twelve month this festival contributes to the spiritual elevation of Ifa/Orisa devotees in addition to the community on a whole.

The Festival is equally a stream of prayer in addition to fasting for members to lighten non entirely private burdens but those affecting their country. Devotees also pray in addition to brand supplication to their patron Obaluwaye for the healing of all ills that receive got been plaguing the country. As it is the custom, all are invited to brand offerings to Obaluwaye.

According to Nairaland, Obaluaye is a fantastic in addition to practised orisa that gives riches, wealth, children, Wisdom, volition ability in addition to other practised things to people.

The children of Obaluaye household of clan are given names similar Olayemi, Obidiran, obigbemi in addition to so on. They also last referred to as- Oluyemii, Olu Kayode, Olusegun, Olubunmi, Olufunke, Adeolu, Olaolu, in addition to so on. Interestingly, Obaluaye calendar week is the same equally that of ogun.


In the religious organization of Orisha worship, Babalú-Ayé is the praise cite of the spirit of the world in addition to strongly associated with infectious disease, in addition to healing. He is an Orisha, representing the deity Olorun on Earth.

Babalú-Ayé is publicly honoured with a pilgrimage on Dec 17, 2018 of which tens of thousands of devoteess assemble at the Church in addition to Leprosorium of Saint Lazarus inwards El Rincón, inwards the outskirts of Santiago de Las Vegas, Havana Province.

Arará communities inwards Republic of Cuba in addition to its Diaspora accolade the deity equally Asojano in addition to claim superior cognition of his rituals. Both traditions exercise sack stuff inwards rituals to evoke his humility.


The deity also appears inwards the Afro-Cuban religious tradition Palo Mayombe equally Pata en Llaga or Kobayende.

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