Bad Signs: Here’s How Texting Changes Once You And Your Boo Get Really Serious

Moving in with your significant other can be a huge marker of commitment. But a lot of couples flail after move in day, unaccustomed to splitting every responsibility and spending every minute together.

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While a lot of relationship dynamics will change, one unexpected adjustment is in the way people text once they live together. For folks who love texting, they could be caught off guard when their partner begins communicating way less via messenger.

For partners who hate texting, the uptick in communication because of the shared space (think groceries and home repairs) could get annoying.

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“Text behavior usually changes when you move in together,” Fran Greene, licensed clinical social worker and author of The Secret Rules of Flirting told Elite Daily. 

“Since you will be spending more time together it might feel that texting is not as necessary as when you were apart,” she explained to the site.

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If you and your partner used to flirt over text, the transition from flirting to mundane daily home economics things can be frustrating. But make it a point to not always text your partner about picking up the milk.

“Texting is an amazing way to let your partner know that they are on your mind and in your heart! Keep on sending those GIFs, Bitmojis, and texts to let your partner know that you love them,” Greene advises.

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Some significant others may communicate more as a result of the relationship taking a step forward. This could be a great moment for someone who would describe themselves as a lover of “words of affirmation.”

“Since you are now committed to each other, the texts may become even more loving and caring. Make sure that you let your partner know how much their expressions of love warm your heart,”  Greene.

If the texting is too little, or too much, communicate with your partner your needs. Even though it won’t be the same as it was in the dating phase, it can be better for your relationship’s health in totality.

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