Blessing Okoro’s mansion! Why female bloggers in Nigeria are more successful than males

Nigerian blogger, Blessing Okoro known for her expertise in relationship-related advices just recently completed her 7-bedroom duplex which set the internet on fire.

The blogger while sharing her massive duplex on social media revealed that she was thrown out of the house by her ex-husband 8 years ago. Whether her aim of putting up the newly-completed house was to make a statement and prove something to her ex, the most important thing is that she is now a landlady off her blogging job, prompting us to look the direction of the Nigerian male bloggers and their claim to success in that field.

Though blogging is a career job mostly dominated by the ladies, there are also male bloggers in Nigeria who have made names for themselves in that field but are they really winning like their female counterparts?

In 2015, Linda Ikeji broke the internet when she shared pictures of her Banana Island Mansion which was worth ₦600 million at the time. The questions on the mouth of many Nigerians was how can she build such a mighty house just through her blogging job? While others made different assumptions, some strongly opined that it was sheer hardwork that got her to that level.

Just recently, Blessing Okoro’s success story just like Linda Ikeji’s struck Nigerians again following the pictures of her newly-completed 6-bedroom duplex which hit the internet a few days ago. This time their curiosity to uncover the magic behind the success stories of female bloggers grew even stronger.

Now we ask, are female bloggers more skilled at their job than their male colleagues which make them more successful? Or are the male bloggers also hitting the bags and doing big things but chose not to flaunt their success on social media for the world to see?

Firstly, it is right to say that ladies have more opportunities in the society than the men and are exposed to accumulate as much beneficial contacts and connections as possible than their male folks which always at the end translates to business deals.

Before these business deals are sealed, so much always go down in the background which is ofcourse not an option for the men in the business of blogging. What am I trying to say? There is 80% possibility for a female blogger to easily seal a million-naira deal off her business which is most times presented by some rich folks who often time wants something in return which they can’t get from a guy in that same field. This is not the case with all the ladies as there are some who broke barriers and carved out a nitch for themselves without passing through “casting couch” as it is called in the movie industry, but that percentage is sheer low.

Maybe the male bloggers are also building houses and acquiring properties but chose not to loud their successes. But then, how possible can that be? considering the fact that men in their character love to flaunt and show their peers how successful they are. Also, for people who are in the business of reporting other people’s successes, newly-built houses, diamond-christened gold chains, gold watches, fast cars and the likes, it is almost impossible for them not to celebrate themselves whenever they win.

More so, it is also right to state that female bloggers seem to be more patient, focused and consistent in the job than their male colleagues. An example to back this up is Linda Ikeji who set up her blog and ran it for almost five years without making a dime from it until her breakthrough. Having set a standard for herself, she remains the biggest in the game and a reference point whenever subjects related to that field are discussed.

Though the likes of Noble Igwe of 360nobs, Chude Jideonwo of YNaija, Mola Ogundele of NotJustOk not leaving out Tunde Ednut among others are are doing it big in their own way, they are not matching up to level of their female colleagues whose successes can be felt and seen both on the internet and in real life.

What’s your take on female bloggers building mansions and winning more than the male ones?