Check Out Top 5 Trendy Shoes For Women- No 3 Is A MUST (Photos)

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body proportions.
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Shoes are an important part of every woman’s looks, they usually complement every outfit and give you that gorgeous look. Having a closet full of them is an advantage. One can wear them in different ways and style them differently as well. There are trends that are currently everywhere you look and every classy woman should have them in their wardrobes. Here are 5 trendy shoes every woman should have this season.

1. Feathered Heels



These are quite prominent these days if you check well you may just find someone in your office wearing a pair of them. They appear corporate-casual in look making them easy to wear on corporate clothes as well as casual wears such as “boyfriend jeans”.
2. Teva Sandals




Known for their comfortable feel and classy looks, Teva sandals go very well with casual looks. Whether a pair of jeans or a flare skirt to have that Black American mother’s look from the 70s.
3. The Gladiator Sandals



In case you did not know, the gladiator sandals are back with us. This strapped pair of sandals which make you look like you are going for a battle is back for good. This also works well with casual clothes as well.
4. Brogues



One trend when it comes to ladies’ footwear you will find prominently these days is the pair of brogues. Many ladies these days wear this pair of shoes on trousers or gowns and as you can imagine, it is super-cool.
5. Sneakers




Possibly the most prominent trend these days with females. Many women rock these pairs of shoes with anything. From suits to gowns (Ankara gowns especially), to casual clothes. While many opt for the white ones, a lot more turn towards the angle of colourful ones.
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