LADIES See 5 Home Remedies To Manage Period Cramps

Alot of women suffer pain during their menstrual period. From mild discomfort to severe abdominal pains that may last a day or two or more, the level of pain differs as no two women are alike. Whatever your case, we can all agree that period cramps are real, and these home remedies have been known to help.



During periods, the uterus contracts and it is these uterine contractions that cause painful cramps for some. The cramping usually occurs in the lower abdomen, although the pain can also spread to the lower back, groin or upper thighs. The typical period cramps can be sorted out with mild painkillers. Aspirin, paracetamol and felvin are the most commonly used drugs. Now, if you are like me, meaning you hate drugs, you might want to consider non-pharmaceutical remedies.



Here are 5 home remedies for period cramps…


1. Heat


Period cramp remedies



Applying heat to your abdomen has been known to help relieve period discomfort. Opt for a hot water bottle, apply it to your abdomen, lie back, work away or watch a movie while the heat melts away the cramps.



2. Exercise


The benefits of exercise cannot be overemphasized. Exercise reduces fatigue, anxiety, stress and migraines – these are discomforts that could be caused by period cramps. Also, consider doing more exercises prior to your periods to avoid bloating.



3. Ginger Tea


With all the benefits of ginger, here is one more reason to have some ginger tea. Crush about 1-inch of ginger and put it in a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Consume after meals and watch its healing powers come alive.


4. Cinnamon


Period cramp remedies


The love for cinnamon is so much so that we recommend that you use it for practically everything– okay, almost everything. Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic agent. It can help to ease cramps, fatigue and aches. You can use it in your tea or coffee to get relief from cramps.



5. Bananas


Period cramp remedies


What if we told you that eating bananas will help with your cramps? Banana has a high potassium content which helps ease the pain from cramps. You can have bananas by itself, in the form of smoothies or mixed fruit salads.




What other home remedy have you successfully tried and it worked well? Drop your comment.