Being An Adult Is Hard-Work! Things We Didn’t Appreciate As A Child And Now Wish For

Sadly, this adulting life isn’t funny though. The weight of responsibility is real, and sometimes, we don’t want to be grown up. We just want to go down memory lane and reminisce on these things we took for granted back then, but have now become things we appreciate as adults.


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1. Sleep


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When we were kids, we generally hated naps, and we felt like our parents were punishing us by asking us to rest. Now, sleep is one of the things we appreciate as adults. Honestly, though, some of us constantly have bags under our eyes because the sleep is never complete. We get really really grumpy if someone interrupts that special Sunday afternoon sleep. And these days, we unashamedly nod off in public transport. Goodbye, childhood.


things we appreciate as adults



2. Laundry


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As a child, did you ever think about who would wash your dirty clothes? Nope. In the typical carelessness of children, you would walk in the rain, roll in the dirt, and bring your dirty clothes and muddy shoes home. Your mum might spank you, but she’ll handle it las las. But now, your pile of dirty laundry is staring at you like, ‘hey, wash us before you run out of clean clothes!”


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3. Saturday morning cartoons


things we appreciate as adults


Remember Cadbury Breakfast Television? And the other cool Saturday morning shows? That was the good life. These days, if we’re lucky, we spend Saturday mornings catching up on some much needed sleep.



4. Just staying at home


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As a kid, you wanted to go out. You wanted to eat out, visit amusement parks, etc. Now, you appreciate the value of a home cooked meal, and your friends are begging you to leave the house.


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5. Eating healthy food



Onions? Bleh. Veggies? *vomits*. Now, as the grown woman that you are, fit fam is your middle name, and you blend those leafy greens into smoothies every morning, damn it.




5. Living an all-expense paid life

Childhood was fun because EVERYTHING was paid for. Rent. School fees. Food. Toys. Everything was paid. You appreciate your all expense paid life now because you know how you have to scrimp and save to pay your rent, then go hungry for a couple of weeks afterward. What a life.


things we appreciate as adults.



What else do you miss about being a child? Drop your opinion in the comment section, like and also share.


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