Top 10 cities in Nigeria with the HOTTEST girls – Check out which city is No.1 (Pictures)

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of beautiful and hot women, dark skin, light skin, boobylicious and gbo gbo e.. gbo gbo e.. But if you’re looking forward to catch up with some of the hottest girls in Nigeria, ride with me let me take you on a quick tour around these 10 cities where you can find them and make sure you don’t loose focus until we get to number 1!

I present to you the top 10 Nigerian cities with the hottest girls… Drum roll, you set?? Leggoo..

10. Asaba

Coming in at number 10 is Asaba, the current capital city of Delta State. It’s a city of about 150,000 people. Personally, I think this city should come in like the 6th or 7th position. Asaba has produced many pretty women. Well, the people have spoken.

9. Kano

Surprisingly, Kano is making the list at number 9. I’m sure some of you will question this. If you have visited Kano, you will agree with this choice.

8. Jos

Jos in Plateau state of Nigeria is known for its near Europe like weather. Little did some of you that Jos is home to some of the most beautiful women in Nigeria. Pretty ladies abound in this lovely city.

7. Calabar

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Calabar in Cross Rivers is another beautiful city with some of Nigeria’s finest. Calabar has contributed many beautiful ladies to the nation.

6. Owerri

The capital city if Imo state, south east of Nigeria is blessed many things, including beautiful ladies. Owerri is coming in at #6 ahead of cities like Asaba and Calabar could be a surprise to many but, have you have ever been to this great city?

5. Lokoja

Nobody can fault this choice. A friend once told me the tribe with the most beautiful ladies in Nigeria is the Ebira tribe. Of course I argued, until I visited. The stories I heard growing up just don’t add up anymore.

4. Benin

Anyone who visited this city will understand why it’s making the list. Not only are the ladies pretty, they have class too. Trust me when I say this. You will never believe, until you visit.

3. Abuja

Nigeria’s capital city is home to a fraction of all the tribes in Nigeria. Each tribe is represented in Abuja. I guess that contributed to how this great city made #3 on the list.

2. Lagos

Yea. Now the big league. Lagos held the top spot for a while and could have easily passed for number one again, but for the influx of ladies from two particular cities. I won’t mention names just yet. I don’t want their people to come after me…lol. Watch out for my next post, where I shall reveal the cities with the ugliest ladies. You find out then.

1. Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt comfortably sits at the number one spot. You all will agree with me that Port Harcourt is a city where the most beautiful ladies reside. Port Harcourt is overtaking Lagos because of a reason I gave earlier. It’s simple, if it’s a must you marry a beautiful lady, go to Port Harcourt.