So you want to be careful how you come at your partner with certain talks. For men, we already advised against the things your woman would not be glad to hear from you. And in this article, we list the things a woman should avoid saying to her partner at all costs – even when she is at her angriest!

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4. I wish I never got involved with you

Except he absolutely deserves it and you’re 100% sure you no longer want to continue the relationship, do not say this.

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If you don’t mean it and you’re just angry, this isn’t one of those things you throw out there and try to apologise away later.

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3. Sorry but…

Saying sorry can be an incredibly good thing in relationships as it helps mend fences and restore peace but that’s only when done right.

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Every time you try to apologise and a ‘but’ follows ‘I’m sorry’, you have negated the apology. Don’t do it.

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2. I’m just managing you

This could be a joke sometimes. But for the most part, it does not make sense to give your partner the idea that you think they are not good enough for you, or that you would rather be with someone else.

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No one wants to feel like they’re being loved out of pity. Also, your man doesn’t want to get the vibe of being a step down for you.

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1. So and so is a better man that you’ll ever be

Making an unfair comparison between your partner and anyone else is always a recipe for disaster. Avoid it like a plague.

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Your man is different, unique and has strengths, weaknesses and faults and glorious abilities, all of which you must have considered before deciding to be with him.

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Turning around and using his comparative weaknesses in certain areas against him is not so cool. Don’t do it.

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