Check out the annoying reasons why you hate yourself so much

Have you ever felt you don’t deserve a particular thing? Ever thought you can never achieve something maybe because of a physical deformity ? Have you ever felt so bad with yourself that you just despise yourself and then you feel worthless and useless ?

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Well, if you don’t know, how you see and view yourself is exactly how people will see you. In your place of work, amongst friends, amongst family members, what you think you are is an exact reflection of who you really are .

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Why make your inner self so useless that you don’t see anything good about yourself when there are multiple good things about you?  There are few tips that can help improve your self worth and help improve your self esteem.

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(1) Start with erasing every negative thought with positive ones:  This is like the stepping stone to achieving your importance and allowing people have good impression about you . From the moment you begin to embrace your self and also see something good in every thing you condemn in yourself, People will accept you the way you accept yourself.

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(2) Learn to celebrate your self : Even if it is not worth celebrating, because you have something to work on in you, learn to acknowledge your achievements and to celebrate them. You don’t need anyone to make you feel good about your self. If celebrations can light up your mood and make you feel good about your self, then you don’t need anyones approval to celebrate.

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(3) Remain positive  minded always : In every bad situation, always  see something good in it. No matter how small, a good perception about something or someone will make you feel better. Always remain positive, it costs little or nothing. It earns to lots of respect and love when you embrace worse things and accept them with a positive mindset.

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(4) Stop comparing yourself with anyone : Even twins act and achieve things differently. Nobody is better than you. Your destiny lies in your hands. If someone is better than you, work harder and better to reach that place . The sky is wide enough for everyone to fly. As long as you keep comparing yourself with people, the more your happiness it takes away. Never ever feel intimidated or oppressed because of anything or anyone.. Try to always be you and love you for who you are.

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(5) Practise self care : Give your self treats ones in a while, only you can take care of your self the way you want. Nobody can treat you the way you will treat your self. Dedicate some quality time to yourself and enjoy the moment alone .. Most of all feel good and stop being a sadist.

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