LADIES! Check Out 10 Easy Ways To Know If A Naija Man Is Strong In Bed Even Before You Sleep With Him, If He Does Number 5, Never Let Him Go

Finding a good man is hard to do. Sorry guys, but the standards by which women are choosing partners continue to rise. Don’t pretend you think you’re anything less than a god in the sack. Humans like to know we’re doing a good job, don’t we? We love praise and we’re also eager to make up for any shortcomings. But some things don’t lend themselves well to assessment, the bedroom, for example, or wherever your preferred place to have sex is. Are you any good at it? Or have you convinced yourself you must be, because nobody ever filed an official complaint?

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Do you know you can identify a strong man in bed even before you sleep with him? There are several things to look for in a man before you conclude he is weak or strong. Here are some easy ways to know that;

He makes serious, intense eye contact with you

When I look back on people I’ve dated and I think about what it felt like to actually look into their eyes — if they had problems with eye contact, if they seemed kind of nervous and scattered — it really was indicative of what sex was like with them. If you look at a guy and even eye contact with him is seriously intense in a way that makes you the best kind of nervous, yeah, it’s gonna be outstanding sex. It just is.

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He is as masculine as a body builder

When you see a masculine man, know that that guy is not a joke in bed — he can do the work until you are tired. Masculine men rarely get tired when they perform their conjugal duties, they can go seven good shots and ask, “do you want more?”

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He eats too much

A man who can complete a plate of Eba must always be good in bed.If you spot a man who eats until you get worried of his stomach, that man has enough energy to pump and pump until you scream, ‘Noooo’.

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His ex-girlfriends always communicate with him

When you call someone your ex, it means you are done with them but if they keep on communicating with you, it means you are good in bed or you have a lot of man they want to chop. If a man does not have a lot of money but his exes still want him, know that the man is good in bed.

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He knows how to touch you in general

If he’s able to touch your hand in a way that feels amazing or massage your head in a way that makes your eyes roll back in your head, it’s pretty much guaranteed that he knows how to handle everything else properly.

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He is not handsome

Handsome men are weak in bed — that’s a fact. The only good thing a handsome man has are good looks, in bed, he is useless. Most ugly men are good in bed, something that confuses women.

He talks in bass — deep voice

Men who talk in bass, especially deep voice are always good in bed. I warn you today, if you find a man speaking in soprano, that man won’t satisfy in bed.

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He’s a great dancer

OK, this is just true. Guys who say they hate dancing always make me laugh because why would you admit that you hate moving your body in a fun way? You might as well just straight-up tell me, “I will fuck you poorly,” because that’s all I’m hearing when you say it.

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He is tall and slim

Short and fat men can’t satisfy you in bed no matter what they eat, but for tall and slim men, they can even kill you with their third leg.

He doesn’t take alcohol

Men who don’t take alcohol have so much energy in reserve that can kill a woman in bed. Do you know why women love pastors? Now you know.

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Source: Venas News