NO BIG DEAL! Check Out 3 Reasons Friday Is Not As Great As You Think- No 1 Is Everyone’s Nightmare (Photos)

OH NO! It’s ANOTHER FRIDAY! No, that was not a mistake. You saw that correctly. No again, you don’t have bad sight. Friday is here and some of us don’t like that feeling. I’m sure you are used to seeing TGIF, yenyenyen, but the truth is Fridays aren’t as great as we make them seem.
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FRIDAYS ARE OVERHYPED, PERIOD!!! You want a reason, I’ll give you 3!



First on our list is the traffic on Friday is the major competitor to Monday morning traffic. So you tell me that you go through that traffic and still say TGIF?


You think weekend and you think Fun? SMH. Don’t deceive your self weekends are for CHORES!


All the chores you couldn’t do during the week, laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, meal prep for the new week. The list could go on and on and on!
3) VIGILS!!!



There is always some sort of vigil happening if it is not at your church it’s at the church around your house. Either way, your heart will sing ‘oh sing oh sing oh praise the lord’ I hope with this few points of mine i have been to convince and not confuse you that FRIDAYS ARE OVER-HYPED. Thank you
Have a swell weekend battling with traffic, chores, and vigils! Tell us why you also don’t like Fridays. Or do you think our reasons aren’t strong enough?
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