Heartbreaking! See The Last Chats Between A Nigerian Soldier And His Wife Before He Was Killed By Boko Haram (Screenshots)

A sad story of a young Nigerian soldier who was killed by Boko Haram was shared on Facebook by his friend. According to Williams, the deceased named Abass who hails from Kogi State had a chat with his wife a few days just before his death.





See what Williams posted on his page below…


“AhKogiAgain, NoJoy Bro See ur last Chat Wit ur Woman b4  U Live this #Planet”.


“Hw I wish u know This Gonna Happen u Could have Quiet”.



“OnTime bt God knows the best RESTON ABASS TUGBASKI Boko Haram it will never Ever be well with you People”.





Here are screenshots of the last chat the deceased and his wife had few days before his death while fighting against Boko Haram.

















See how Nigerians react to the sad news;


@Oppa wrote;


“We needn’t blame the insurgency group”.

“Let us exemplify. During the civil war, one greatest strategy Nigeria used to overpower the Biafrans was the stoppage of food items into the Biafran territories.



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“This was an external enemy, and they fought the enemy building the morale of the Biafran soldiers. They tackled the source!”.


“In like manner, we need to fight the source of the BH and not their soldiers. How do they sustain? From where whom, and how!”.

“How can Mr. John send you to fight Mr. Sam who he has also prepared and sent to kill you for his selfish interest? Who do you think will be more strategic?”.


“It is impossicant to defeat an external enemy with a traitor inside. RIP brotherly”.



@SageMK wrote;


“Everybody will have a last chat ànd last seen.  I wonder what mine will read. RIP to the dead”.



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mightyhaze wrote;


“By God, this country hard. person dey do soja work becos say no oda job dey for am to do to take fend for family… na who go epp ds country”.




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@Nukilii wrote;


“RIP young man….your country killed you. very heartbreaking”.



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@Samyj247 wrote;


“kai I am crying right now”.


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SarkinYarki wrote;


“Just see how the selfish wife is encouraging him to serve a meaningless Army and Nation with his life Just So that she can have food to eat”.


“So sad the gentleman never got her pregnant so after she claims his death benefits she will be out humping another man claiming she is in love”



“As a man follow your heart and don’t live a life you don’t like just because you want to satisfy someone..The day his heart told him to leave that job he should have left”.


@iammo wrote;



“Military Job these days is very very risky, they now recruit young guys who dont understand much of the resposibility of been a soldier, RIP to him”.


@Amumaigwe wrote;



“By God,this country hard. person dey do soja work becos say no oda job dey for am to do to take fend for family… na who go epp ds country?”.


“Tears almost dropped from my eyes when I read that part. He obviously would have opted out if there were other job offers. So Sad”.



@Softboya wrote;



“Life is hard bruh, I was nearly moved to tears. If only the good would stop dying young. This young man was just trying to fend for his family and death took him away. What a life”.




@nijabazaar wrote;


“The young widow. I will never die for Nigeria. Never”.



@NigeriaIsDoomed wrote;


“Doomed country. Spits!”.


@SoNature wrote;

“I noticed that most Nigerian soldiers are taking that job because there are no good jobs out there. This is a bad precedence”.


“Such people will never make fine soldiers”.



“Nigerian authorities must prioritize the welfare and safety of their soldiers. Come of think of it, I wonder why anyone would enlist to serve in Nigeria’s military of all armies. Anyways, RIP, handsome soldier”.


@Mobileowowa wrote;


“The Joy of Soldiers are to Die in War of Battle. May so rest in Peace”.


@Benekruku wrote;


“God bless The Nigerian Armed Forces. May His gentle soul rest in perfect peace”.



@rattlesnake wrote;


“See tinubu and co the people who scatter naija flexing… Chaiii, Don’t die for naija again I warn”.




@Joromi12 wrote;


“Died for nothing”.


@StarUp wrote;



“Welcome to Nigeria where the FG pays insurgents to fight back”.


@Erolow wrote;


“This is really sad”.


@Holyman7635 wrote;



“Rest well bro embarrassed”.


@Erolow wrote;


“May his soul rest in peace”.


Toju200 wrote;

“Ok Boko boys let’s end this here now! Am angry it’s time the airforce do something mad”.



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@AreaFada2 wrote;




“Tragic dying for a country whose wealth the elite are tearing apart to eat like vultures do a carcass”.


@Benekruku wrote;


“God bless The Nigerian Armed Forces, May His gentle soul rest in perfect peace”.



Source: Nairaland



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