GUYS LISTEN! This Is How To Easily Know If A Naija Babe Is Sweet In Bed Even Before You Sleep With Her; If You See Number 8, You’ve Hit The Jackpot (18+ Only)

It’s true that men fantasize about sex multiple times a day, and if you’ve ever found yourself fantasizing about having sex with a woman you’ve just met, you’re not alone. Many men find themselves wondering about a woman’s ability to perform in the bedroom – almost as much as women wonder the same thing about men. Yes, it’s true! It turns out that there are a number of ways a man can predict how a sexual encounter will go even before he takes a woman home.

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Now you can be able to determine whether a woman is sweet in bed even before you sleep with her. Researchers have come up with ways to identify which woman is sweet in bed and who is totally flat, here is how they have determined:

Small mouth

Women with small mouth are very good in bed, very sweet indeed. The size of the mouth correlates with the size of the private parts, which means a small mouth translates to a tight p**y and a big mouth equally translates to a very large p**y. Men love a tight thing, which has more friction that results to total satisfaction.

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Size 8

Women who are size 8 are always sweet in bed, unless they have done plastic surgery to obtain the perfect shape. If you look at a woman and realize that she looks like a bottle of Coca cola, that woman is sweet, I swear. Only a small percentage of them are boring in bed.

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Naturally submissive

A woman who is naturally submissive has qualities of being sweet in bed. This is one character that defines a real woman. Female chauvinists have never been sweet in bed; they have nothing to attract you.

She breaths heavy

If a woman breaths heavy and she is not suffering from hypertension or overweight, that woman must be sweet in bed — take her to bed if you can.

Hard to get

A woman who can take you in circles for a whole year has something good. This is because she rarely gives to men of all sizes. Cheap women are used to s&x; even if they give you, they’ll be faking everything.

Short and slightly fat

A woman who is short and slightly fat has all the warmth you need in a woman. Short women tend to be sweeter than the tall ones because their fats are concentrated in a small area.

She is extremely shy

Nowadays most women are not shy, their faces are as hard as those of men. If you find extremely shy women, those women are sweet, have exceptional skills in bed but often shy away when in public. One expert even confirmed so in a popular conference. From today, if you spot an extremely shy woman, that lady is indeed sweet.

Every man wants a piece of her

If you see a woman who every man wants, know that there is something special about that woman. Men usually tell each other about their s&xual experience. If they find a woman to be sweet, they go bragging about it – this results to a scramble for a piece of that woman.

She has big behind

There is something special about women with big behind. Such a woman has so much heat in her lower abdomen. The heat spreads so fast when a man ‘ignites her. Heat is the major contributor of a successful intimacy.

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She’s an Amazing Kisser

While your first kiss might not be as perfect as you imagined – hey, there’s a lot of pressure on both sides of that kiss! – There is a lot of correlation between how a woman kisses and how she performs in the bedroom. If she is stiff and can’t relax into the kiss, she likely won’t be able to relax and enjoy herself during s&x. If, however, she knocks your socks off with a kiss, you can expect a good time in bed as well. As you might expect, a woman who is a good kisser is also probably good at other things involving her tongue. So go in for the second kiss if the first one didn’t do it for you because the second one might be even better.

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Source: Venas News